Want actionable insights? Stop taking notes

Want actionable insights? Stop taking notes

Recall the last presentation, lecture or conversation that blew you away with insight.
Did you excitedly take notes to remember everything?
How often have you looked at those notes since? How many ideas can you recall now?
Rather than taking notes, we can make ideas both MEMORABLE and ACTIONABLE by storing them into our brain directly.
But how? Our short term memory is limited. Yet our VISUAL memory is virtually unlimited.
The method:
• Pick a corner in your home to "store" ideas for a given topic
• When you hear an interesting idea, turn it into an image and mentally put it in that corner
• Now you can recall the ideas by visualizing that corner, and every time you walk past that corner becomes a reminder which is a prompt for ACTION
Yesterday I heard the idea of Neurolinguistic programming: do a power pose when something went well, then use that power pose when you have to perform.
So I create the following image: me in power pose in front of a camera, and another me in power pose behind the camera, with a party hat (symbol of success). I mentally put this image in the corner of my house where I usually record videos.
Now I'll be reminded to do Neurolinguistic programming whenever I record a video! Success!

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