Using technology to deepen connections

Using technology to deepen connections

One of the best ways to accelerate learning is through the dual power of learning, using both the creative side and analytical side, as Elliot Lum explains, learning is not just rational, it's emotional. We can use technology wisely to deepen connections without becoming dependent upon it.
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In the space of marketing, which is the space that I operate in, people have to be able to, both on the creative side or on the analytical side, to create messages that influence, drive persuasion, get people to take some form of action.
So that accumulated knowledge is really important to deploy, to get the very best creative result that, that ultimately for us as marketers drives , depending on what product you represent or non-profit, drives some form of action, which ideally is to get somebody to buy something. So it's crucially important to the field of marketing.
You know, Dom, you are incredibly at the technology space and there's so much amazing technology out there that enables great community building and social interaction, but it's that interplay in my mind of like great technology deployed well that has, beautiful design and great user interface that combines with the people in a way that, creates a community where people want to interact with each other. And there's nothing like in-person interaction. But I also think that in person interaction every single day it's just not realistic, obviously.
And now it's like, how do you have different forms of experience that keep that sort of connection and maybe even deepen that connection through that technology. It's just like nice yin and yang of community and technology that will accelerate the rate of learning. Because learning is not just rational, it's emotional.
And so you need that dual power to learn in the flow of what you're doing.

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