Use Momentum Not Motivation

Use Momentum Not Motivation

Motivation is a lie, a fleeting emotion. Momentum however is real, and you can create systems that build momentum and then ride it out. Putting on your gym shoes may create the momentum to go for a run.
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I'm pretty lazy so the whole reason I got a doctorate and do as much as I do
is I have quit lying to myself and pretending like I'll be motivated.
Motivation is a lie. Motivation is a fleeting emotion, you can't rely on it but momentum
is you can create systems that incentivize momentum and then once you create momentum you just kind of write it out because I've accepted that I am lazy.
How do I structure my environment to still get done what I want to get done even though I'm lazy it's removing
Distractions starting with something small setting the bar so low you can't fail. For example, to work out more then maybe a goal is do one push-up or put on your gym shoes because that one thing creates momentum what is the smallest thing I can do.
where success is all but guaranteed I set the bar super low and I ride out that wave of momentum.

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