The secret about learning that education doesn't teach us

The secret about learning that education doesn't teach us

Education is how we're supposed to learn.
But it doesn't teach us the most important skill: how to learn.
Surely, we try to keep learning. We consume the lastest articles, tweets, books, videos and online courses to stay "up to date". But how much of it sticks? How much results in real life skills?
For most of us, very little.
Yet some people seem to be able to learn orders of magnitude more than most:
• Polyglots like Ziad Fazah who speaks 59 languages
• Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk who founded disruptive companies in 8 industries
• Mnemonists like Dominic O'Brien who can memorize 54 packs of playing cards
• Allround prodigies like Josh Waitzkin who is a champion in 4 wildly different sports
They must be geniuses, right? NOT TRUE.
Instead, they have uncovered bullet-proof METHODS of learning. Some of these methods are millenia old, some based on recent research.
But what they have in common is that they work for ALL OF US.
Follow me to learn some of these methods over the next weeks and become a superlearner.

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