The four-part loop of building habits

The four-part loop of building habits

Joey Doughty about habits, routine building, and how to modify an existing habit rather than breaking a bad habit.
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To dive a bit more into like the habits and routine building. Cause I think that's what a lot of people would like to have in place, but struggle to actually do. So it's one thing to talk and coach with them, but how do you keep people actually following your advice and doing that in practice?
So it's important to take a systems-based approach to all these things. So for example, Habits can be thought of as a four-part loop. So the habits have a cue, cravings, an action, a routine, and a reward. So say I come home and I know that there's a beer in the fridge that I want. Well, opening the fridge and seeing the beer would be a cue. And then I would crave having it. So I would most likely go along with that and open it up and drink it, which would be the routine.
And then I would enjoy hopefully enjoy the taste of the drink, which would be the reward. So if you started thinking about the things that we do each and every day from the lens of this habit loop, Then you can understand why you're doing some of the things that you're doing. Cause it's all about rewards.
Our brain is a reward seeking machine. Then you can start modifying these habits and these routines. So a lot of people will try to break bad habits by cutting them out completely. But that doesn't work too well. My brain doesn't really work like that. It's better to switch out. You take an existing habit, the cue and the cravings, and swap out the routine and reward for something else.
So you're actually modifying an existing habit rather than breaking a bad habit. That will be a lot more effective.

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