The audience is the hero

The audience is the hero

Whether you're writing copy or teaching online courses, one key thing Julia Saxena has learned is that it's never about you! Instead, make your audience the heroes! Connect with Julia at Find out more about Superlearning at
One of those basic principles that you can always remember would be that it's never actually about you. it's always about their about your audience, like they are the hero so because when we are writing to sell our own products and offers it can be very tempting to try to tell people how great that is and what all we've done and our expertise and everything but we have to remember that they don't, our audience, they don't really care about us they care only about themselves we care only about ourselves and what other things can do or other people can do for us. So, keep that in mind to always show to always make the reader the hero and show what's in it for them always talk from their perspective and so whatever copy you write the word you should always heavily outweigh any I or we.
Right! I think that's a that's a very good tip and maybe does that also apply to like the other area you are a specialist in online courses where you should maybe place more emphasis on the students than the teacher is there any similarity there?
Yeah! Absolutely the students are in an online course the students are the heroes and everything is built around serving them and helping them learn and it's not there to not like wasn't there to stroke the ego of the course creator or the instructor and make them kind of like the guru on the stage as teachers we always have to find the best way to help our students our students learn.

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