Superlearning professionals start with INTENTION

Superlearning professionals start with INTENTION

Chances are, knowledge in your field increases faster than you can possibly keep up with.
If you're like most people, you learn a tiny bit here about bitcoin, then a tiny bit there about productivity, and so on.
This way you end up with the same results as everybody else: heard about many things but don't understand anything deeply. The test for deep understanding is this: can you explain it to a 12-year old, using only words they know?
Everybody wants to be a lifelong learner, but only very few can actually turn learning into a competitive advantage.
What those superlearners do differently: they learn with intention. They set specific learning goals and track their progress.
The first intention you should set, is what to learn. Look at your unique set of skills, and decide what you should learn next to be able to capitalize on that skillset.
The unique skills I've acquired so far are language learning, software engineering with strong focus on data, and a tiny bit of teaching.
The next skills I need are copywriting (to communicate my knowledge) and audience building (to reach the people I can help).
So for these new skills I look for the best resources, and then use deliberate practice (by writing these essays).
What's your learning intention?

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