Peer to peer learning rather than sage on stage

Peer to peer learning rather than sage on stage

Peer-to-peer learning is superior to a single "sage on stage".
Elliot Lum of the Association of National Advertisers brings people from competing companies together in learning pods. It's a give-and-get learning environment from which everybody emerges stronger.
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do you have some examples of what barriers there are and what you can do to break those down?
Elliot Lum
What we've done with the L and D community is bring people together in a different format than your typical conference format, which is presenting, there's this idea of expert to learner. What we tried to do was create these pods, where it's peer-to-peer learning.
This model is a give-get model. You're giving, share learning, but then to be able to get, which is Hey, I want some feedback on something that I'm working on because more brains are better than less. And so what you're seeing is true peer-to-peer professional learning. We create a community where people want to support each other, even if they are competitors in the same community ie Coke and Pepsi. The spirit of learning is really important to cultivate in that kind of atmosphere.

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