Learning by creating

Learning by creating

The best way to learn anything is by creating. It forces you to structure your ideas well - full time online creator Daniel Canosa Connect with Daniel at https://twitter.com/dcanosa Find out more about Superlearning at https://superlearners.traverse.link/
once you've identified something you want to learn, how do you go about deliberately learning that? Do you have a process for it?
I guess you have a process for everything.
Yes, I do. But I also take learning as a lifelong thing. So it is not as structured as you may think. So it is mostly whenever I come across something related to some things, I go to some topic that I want to learn about. I would put it either in roam or in notion and then whenever I want to deeply research, that's all because to create a piece of content, by the way, the best way to learn anything is by creating.
Because whenever you are creating a piece of content, You have to put all your ideas in with a structure and it's really when you just learn so much. So yeah, it would be basically when I create content, when I'm mostly learning when I'm going to take all the bits of information that I have collected about a certain topic and put them all together into one and only know the best.
So the process is quite messy. It's just collecting information and then creating the content for all that information. There is not much more about it.

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