Information Growing Exponentially

Information Growing Exponentially

Medical knowledge is doubling every three months.
Nowadays information is growing exponentially in every field.
How can we keep up?
Neurologist and Edupreneur Junaid Kalia explains.
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There is an estimate that medical knowledge doubles every three months, that's an exponential growth that you can never really catch up.
Really it's not about knowledge doubling it's actually data and information doubling. What you need to do is turn that data into actual knowledge. There are multiple ways to do it. One of the ways is to make sure that the information that you're taking in is applicable.
And that's where critical thinking comes in and it's directly affecting your output. And that output could be anything.
Literally, everyone is in an information age. Previously, we used to call just medicine and lawyers like a practice of medicine or practice of law, and the reason behind the practice portion is because there's so much information that is coming in . You have to be constantly practicing that particular skill and constantly learning that particular skill again and again. Now in the new information age that applies to everyone: teacher, student, even car mechanics.

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