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To become fluent in a new language, we have to immerse ourselves in it.
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About learning how to learn
About learning how to learn
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To become fluent in a new language, we have to immerse ourselves in it. Watch the movies, read the books, speak to the natives. That's how James Stuber learnt Japanese Connect with James at
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Another big aspect of their learning system is going really deep into immersion.
So listening to a lot of the target language. So in my case, Japanese, and not just listening to textbook Japanese, but listening to TV shows and movies and pulling information from books. So I'd actually take the Japanese translation of Harry Potter. And because I knew the story already and at least it's a fun book. I would pull sentences and words and audio from that series. And in that way, I made the learning process much more fun during this huge long dip.
And another factor was my college had a language-learning exchange program where you could hang out with foreign exchange students and, half the time speak in English and half the time you'd speak in Japanese. And it was sort of this freeway to practice the language and, both parties benefited and actually made a lot of friends that way.
The immersion and the constant listening to a lot of the target language is one of the reasons why my accent is not as strong as a lot of people who may study in more traditional techniques.

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