How notes augment short term memory

How notes augment short term memory

Karaminder explains how our brain is like a computer with a big processor and tiny RAM.. but then we can use notes to augment our memory Full interview at
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Let me try and paint this picture for you, of my kind of toolset in my head. I have an ultra-fast processor. Right. But the Ram, the memory, it's tiny. It's like having a desk the size of a piece of toast. And that desk is covered in Teflon with like 10 layers of Teflon.
So when information comes at me, it literally is trying to land on this little tiny desk and the Teflon it's just like, whoop, like I'll hear someone's name and I'll forget it microseconds later. So that's kind of like the working memory. So when I have notes, I can take down notes and then I can visually see the notes and this augments my work memory.
And it's great because I can then tackle and see. So the processor goes to work of just connecting things and seeing things from this top-down overview. And that helps me think it helps me come up with more ideas, more connections. I love this ideating if you will.

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