Embracing chaos

Embracing chaos

Aug 23, 2021 09:27 AM
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Dominic Zijlstra
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For any note-taking system, there's bad chaos and good chaos.
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Jul 25, 2021
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About learning how to learn
About learning how to learn
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For any note-taking system, there's bad chaos and good chaos. Bad chaos is when we are overwhelmed by TODO's and lose sight of the bigger picture. Good chaos is the unavoidable messiness of ideas that brings inspiration. I talk with Nate Kadlac about embracing chaos in your creative process.
Connect with Nate Kadlac at twitter.com/kadlac
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I found roam to become chaotic to the point where I couldn’t get anything useful out of that so are you extremely disciplined or do you just cope with their chaos. I embrace the chaos. I love this clutter, I think austin cleon talks a lot about this you know you have messiness for a reason because it sort of brings inspiration creativity is not an organized thing it doesn't appear from an organized desk but productivity
and creativity are two different things so to be productive. I do like to use notion when I'm collaborating with people and I like to have things very organized and my to-do list is organized but when it comes to the creative process and just writing in general. I might think of a word and search my roam database for that word and see how it comes up in a bunch of different places. I wrote an article once about the word
aspirational and elon musk came up had a number of different stories that i kind of connect that to and it was just something that you that
was unique i don't think i would have discovered through my setup in notion

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