Curiosity and active listening

Curiosity and active listening

Oct 22, 2021 01:15 PM
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Dominic Zijlstra
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Public Speaking can also be learned through active listening that is driven by our curiosity engine.
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Oct 22, 2021
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About learning how to learn
About learning how to learn
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Public Speaking can also be learned through active LISTENING, which is driven by our curiosity engine. As Emmy Sobieski explains, the more you are curious about someone, the more you will listen and in turn, learn from that person.
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You don't have to learn everything. And this is the same with learning active listening. What's the path. Okay. Use three to five words. And you start with the word what, and I've given these tips to people and they've gone out and tried it and had just incredible transformations just in the space of a week.
So there's two things. One is to always want to be active listening, which I believe is driven by curiosity.
And then the other is that it's just not that difficult. There are just tips and tricks that you can try, really just get into doing it right away. And so the main thing is to start with that engine. And the engine is curiosity, and that really is parallel to what you're talking about in terms of general learning systems.
So my employees, I'm always asking them to be curious. So if they come to me and I ask them to start by just saying, come to me with any questions you have, if you're trying to figure something out and you can't figure it out, come to me with the questions. And so they come to me the questions and I say, Wow, that's a great question for you to go out and find the answer to, and then they come back with the next question. I say, that's a great question for you to go out and find an answer to, and pretty soon they're going out and they're having questions, finding answers, having questions, finding answers, having questions, finding answers.
And so they have this engine of curiosity that will then drive their entire career, their knowledge and their life. And so that's really what I try to instill in them.
Yeah. And then that is your engine for active listening, because if you have to take one thing away of how you could become a great active listener right today, it is to get curious about the other person. If you're truly just curious about the other person, everything else solves itself. So you use that same curiosity engine and that same sense of play that you're talking about.
And I found that also to be true when I tried to learn public speaking.

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