3 predictions by Cam Houser on web3 and knowledge management tools

3 predictions by Cam Houser on web3 and knowledge management tools

4x entrepreneur and online creator Cam Houser predicts ways that will help us remember knowledge that matters, and the obstacles web3 has to overcome to allow massive distributed collaboration
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How do you see tools as being an entrepreneur and having built software before how do you see tools help creating more opportunities for learning for collaboration?
I'm still sorting out the collaboration piece in terms of great tools.
I use lots of tools, but the thing that I'm most excited about these days is space repetition and Roam so that one backlinks in Roam to where a very big deal backlinks, making it easier to make connections between things that I learned and highlighting and information capture all that was a big deal, but it still requires me thinking and having to remember to go back through the notes, whereas space repetition, if you implement it in Roam, there's a couple different ways to do it. What it means is that they'll just be presented with a note that you did maybe weeks, maybe months ago, and that getting surface passively to me is very powerful. So that's an area I'm really excited about.
I'm still trying to figure out web3 and how to get involved in that world.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get involved in that world.
So much of the startup world is like only things only work if there's this one owner, like a project needs one owner who is that person doesn't do it, everything fails because if it's distributed amongst a ton of people that has problems and I'm still haven't figured out in web3 when we're all collectively part of something like that.
Well, how do we not have massive diffusion of responsibility? And that's one thing I'm really curious about the question top of mind, based on what you just asked.

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