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Ace your professional exam even if you only have 15 minutes a day

Build the superlearning routine that takes your career to the next level

You just need to pass that one qualification to get that promotion and that fat payrise.
But you don't have the time to study. You're discouraged by the high exam failure rates.
When you do manage to sit down to start learning, you can't focus and are intimidated by the amount of study material.
You want to join the elite of top-notch qualified professionals in your field, but it seems to take forever.
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What if ...

What if you could ace your exam with absolute confidence by studying just 15 minutes a day? And not only that, but also your next qualification, and your next one. And it wouldn't feel like a drag, you'd actually enjoy it!


Have you ever wondered how the best in your field got to their elite status?
They're not smarter than you.
They just have a better system. A study habit that works. Super effective learning methods.
You can achieve just the same results (and better!) with the right process.
A good process takes years to build. But we're offering you a shortcut. We've designed a study method based on neuro-science which speeds up your learning and improves your recall by 290%.
The passive learning methods most people use lead to low retention
The passive learning methods most people use lead to low retention
With our superlearning method, you will learn faster and be able to master any subject with confidence.
You have the potential for superlearning right inside your skull, you just need to unlock it. After taking this course, you will be a superlearning professional. Part of a small, global, highly-succesful elite.
The scientific learning methods you will learn are used by the world's greatest thinkers, creatives, philosophers and scientists. People like Benjamin Franklin, Socrates, Nikola Tesla, Elon Mush, Charlie Munger and Tim Ferriss have used them with extraordinary results.
Yet weirdly enough these methods are not part of our formal education. Only a small elite of people is lucky enough to discover these methods by themselves. At the end of this course you will be part of that elite.
You don't have time to take a course on learning while you're learning?
Fear not, in this course you will directly apply the learning methods to the the exam you're studying for right now. You will learn so much faster that the actual time required to take this course becomes negative!
"I simply have terrible memory"
"I have always been bad at math"
There is no such thing - I cannot stress this enough!
We can ALL learn efficiently with the right process, and become good at anything.
With the right mindset, 99% of people can excel at and enjoy math.
Almost everyone can remember vast quantities of information by using the right techniques.

About Dom Zijlstra

Originally Dutch, I've learned 5 spoken and 5 programming languages and along the way I've figured out the principles for what works and what doesn't work to learn something new. My personal challenge was learning Chinese. I couldn't succesfully learn all those characters with existing methods and apps. After creating a Chinese course just for myself, I then started building a platform to make superlearning techniques available to any student.
I've got a master's degree in Engineering Physics, worked on spacecraft electronics at Airbus for 2 years, and then another 3 years as a data scientist and software engineer for London fintech company Iwoca. I'm now working full-time as a tool and course creator.
At the end of this course, you will be a superlearning professional. You'll pass your current exam with ease and subsequent qualifications faster than you'd imagined possible.
In this course, you get:
  • Live sessions where you learn and directly apply superlearning techniques
  • Guest sessions by experts in practical learning and neuroscience
  • Office hours for help with your study process
  • Optional 1:1 coaching
  • Accountability and support groups with fellow professional learners
  • Access to our superlearning app
The curriculum:
  • The 80/20 framework to pick the highest leverage thing to learn next
  • A method by a Nobel-prize winning physicist to build superior understanding
  • A memory technique which makes you cry you ever crammed for exams in the past (290% gain*)
  • The superlearning routine of applying those methods on a daily basis
  • All of the above applied in the course to your current learning goal

Our promise guarantee

We have used each of the methods we teach to great success in real life and are 100% confident that you will too. So confident in fact, that we offer you a full refund if you don't pass the exam you set as your learning goal for this course.
(learning goal to be approved in advance, >50% participation in core sessions required for eligibility)

Is this course for me?

This course is for professionals who want to join the absolute top at their craft.
It is not for people who just need to pass an exam to keep their employer happy but do not truly care.

Can't I learn this by myself?

You can, in fact I'll give away where you can find information on all of the techniques used. The real value of the course is the filtering and synthesizing of information we have done for you, our personal assistance in actually building your study habit and the support and accountability you get from others in the cohort.
The science behind Superlearning for Professionals: (collapsible)
  • Dunlosky, John et al.: Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology
  • Kahl, Woloshyn: Using elaborative interrogation to facilitate acquisition of factual information in cooperative learning settings: One good strategy deserves another
  • Vlach, Sandhofer: Distributing Learning Over Time: The Spacing Effect in Children’s Acquisition and Generalization of Science Concepts
  • Rawson, Kintsch: Rereading Effects Depend on Time of Test.
  • Baddely, Longman: The Influence of Length and Frequency of Training Session on the Rate of Learning to Type
  • Roediger, Karpicke: Test-Enhanced Learning
  • Taylor, Rohrer: The effects of interleaved practice. And: The shuffling of mathematics problems improveslearning.
  • Woloshyn, Stockley: Helping students acquire belief-inconsistent and belief-consistent science facts: Comparisons between individual and dyad study using elaborative interrogation, self-selected study and repetitious-reading.
  • Michelene et al.: Eliciting Self-Explanations Improves Understanding
  • Qureshi et al.: The method of loci as a mnemonic device to facilitate learning in endocrinology leads to improvement in student performance as measured by assessments

Consider this...

Why take the risk of failing your exam? The risk of lagging forever behing your peers?
Why keep scrambling on when you can take the highway to elite learning?
Act now.

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You start your first job and see that people who are getting ahead are better qualified.
Getting a professional qualification in fields like investing (CFA), accounting (ACA, CA, CPA), law (GDL) and tech (AWS) can lead to quicker promotions, higher salaries and brighter career prospects.
BUT. They're not easy to obtain.
The reason they're not easy is because you study for them while holding down a full time job.
By the time you sit down to study after work, you're tired and you'd much rather watch Netflix or read a book.
Passing professional exams is a long, hard slog for most people. The average passing rate for professional exams in the financial field is around 50%. In other fields, even lower.
Which means that for every 10 people that take the exam, there are at least 5 that repeat the effort twice for every exam. Doesn't that make you want to cry?
It doesn't have to be that way though.
Equipped with the right mindset, techniques and habits, it is possible to learn 11x faster. Yes! You read that right!\***
Superlearning for Professionals equips you with everything you need to supercharge your learning and help you ace any exam.
A supercharged future
Most people have never been taught how to learn.
Partially because optimal learning methods were not well known until recently, and partly because people didn't know any better.
But as it turns out, cognitive science has evolved a ton in the last twenty years, and we now know that some methods work better than others.
It is possible to memorise facts 3x better.
It is possible to learn 11x faster.
It is possible to optimise your learning methods depending on whether you want to retain information for a month, or for a decade.
It is possible to expand your conceptual understanding of topics better than you ever have.
As we've mentioned before, these methods aren't a secret. You can learn them on your own. (A number of methods have been linked to at the bottom of this page)
Or you can join a community of superlearners and build the right habits and mindsets that will ensure you are never overwhelmed by learning.
Superlearning for Professionals is for people who believe in the power of accountability and habits to achieve superior learning outcomes.
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