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We are so glad you joined our Superlearning webinar yesterday. The level of interactivity was brilliant and we had a lot of fun doing it too!
We wanted to touch base and see if you’d like to chat with us about any of the topics we touched upon yesterday:
  1. Mindset
  1. Techniques
  1. Habits
What caught your attention?
What are you currently learning?
What problems are you facing?
Hit reply and let us know! We read and answer every email. If you want to schedule a chat with us, you can pick a slot here.
We'll send you a practical, actionable superlearning tip every week, and we'll be sharing a sneak peek of what is in store in the next days!
We are currently working on a live, cohort-based course, as well as a text/Whatsapp based course to help you become a superlearner.
We are very excited about building this community with you.
We'll guide you all the way to the bottom of the learning pyramid!
We'll guide you all the way to the bottom of the learning pyramid!
Thanks, Dom & Ryan
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