WOW! just wow. Thank you so much!
I will gladly answer those:
1. What are you going to study with Traverse?
In the school platform that the school has for us, there are tests you have to take and pass in your own time. I think Traverse will really help me pass those tests because you can't use notes.
2. What do you think makes Traverse awesome?
Everything. I like the design, how easy it is to make a new course, and how simple it is! I have tried many other things to see if they would help, but they were all SUPER complicated. Traverse is easy to use and it will TOTALLY help.
3. What could Traverse do better?
I really don't think anything, one thing I was having some trouble with when I was trying to add a section under a course, it just kept loading, I had to get out of the tab and go back into it.
4. How did you find Traverse?
On a TikTok video.
And thank you again! This will help me so much!

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