Ideal student persona

Listing out the various personas that need learning:
  • students (high school, university) {this would be more B2B unless we do an async course)
  • people studying for professional qualifications
    • Finance (CFA, CA, ACCA, Actuarial etc), failure rate ~60%
    • Law
    • Medics (Doctors have exams to pass for their professional qualifications)
    • Tech (Upskilling + AWS + Google certifications etc)
    • MBA - GMAT is a massive market but this is an 'aid' not a 'solution'
    • frameworks
      • draft.io
        • needs
          • pass the exam
        • obstacles
          • struggle to build study routine
          • brain not used to study such a lot in short time
          • building a study habit
            • most people approach studying the way they approach eating a pizza
              • eat however much you want, when you want
        • desires
          • can get promoted
          • feeling good about having passed, accomplishment
          • better pay, more prestige, respect
          • joining elite group
      • https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/personas-why-and-how-you-should-use-them
        • behavior patterns
          • busy, don't have much time
        • goals
          • getting into role with has better pay
        • need
          • qualification
        • beliefs
          • have to cram all this in just to pass test
          • driven, ambitious
        • skills
    • Career changers (those who need to learn new skills to switch)
    • People learning to code (HUGE market and all of them face constraints of time too)
    • Language learners (especially those moving to a new country)
    • Entrepreneurs (often there is so much to learn when you start a business, so taking that angle)
    • teachers (can they teach their students these techniques)
    • parents (teach their children these techniques)
    • Ed-tech entrepreneurs (how can they design an app so that it works in accordance with how the brain learns and not just random stuff that most learning apps are)
    Dom personal challenge:
    Using Mohammed J's TEEABM framework
    • Trigger: When I cannot communicate well in my girlfriend's home country or with her family
    • Experience: I recall difficulties trying to integrate in the past,
    • Emotion: I feel isolated, and feel ashamed for not being able to learn the language even having succesfully learning languages and other skills in the past
    • Ability: I doubt my ability to ever master this language
    • Behavior: To overcome this I explore existing learning apps, and when they feel to deliver search forum posts of those who have succesfully learned it, and try to copy their methods and process
    • Motivation: so that I can finally regain my confidence to tackle this learning challenge, by following a (socially) proven process
    Common denominator: RAPID CHANGE
    All are people who are at a transition in their life (compare OnDeck!) which requires them to learn a lot of new stuff fast.
    Might be possible to cut out a cross-disciplinary persona around this theme?
    Sales page for professional qualifications

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