Academic Medicine 2025: Notable Trends and Five Future Forces (PDF)

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Designed for leaders in academic education and research.
Developed by the AAMC and the Institute of the Future, an independent, nonprofit strategic research group, the custom forecast report describes five future forces—flipped clinics, networked discovery, high-resolution health, and rapid prototyping cycle—and showcases real examples that are early indicators of change. It asks:
  • How will on-demand learning transform medical education?
  • How might the flipped clinic model transform the academic health system and clinical practice?
  • How will medical institutions reshape cultural expectations, adapt research processes, and change reward structures to reflect the openness and reciprocity necessary for networked discovery?
How can academic health systems accelerate cultures of sharing and learning and safeguard them from failure, which is central to the success of adopting rapid prototyping cycles?
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