Storytelling for Teachers

👩🏼Story of Helen Keller
Like a lot of young man's stories, my story all comes back to a girl. My girlfriend is the reason I'm here with you today. But let me tell you how I got there first.
As a child on the dutch countryside, read books, went to library, fiction, non-fiction. My Dad took me into nature. When we got first computer, I learned programming, and played games with my friends online.
At the end of high school, most of my friends stayed close, but I wanted to take a bigger jump, explore the world. So I went to university in Germany, studied physics and engineering. Made a lot of friends, partied.
Then I went to Sweden on an exchange program, and was hanging out with a lot of people from different countries. That was a big aha moment for me. I realized I really feel like a world citizen. Towards the end, I met this girl from Brazil, and I went to graduate in Brazil. And I had a great time there, loved the people. I'd learned German in Germany, now I was learning Portuguese in Brazil.
Then when I came back to Europe I that relationship ended. And I met my current partner, who is from China.
And at the same time I got a job in space engineering at Airbus in London, and later went to the headquarters in France. At that point I felt I had learned pretty much everything in that narrow area, and I jumped to do data science for a fintech startup. That was another big moment, as I realized you can actually build businesses to help people.
So I realized I could potentially build a business to help people. Because just at that time I was having this problem with learning. Whenever I'd go to China with my girlfriend, I couldn't communicate with her parents at all, as I was having a hard time learning Chinese, because it's tough!
So I realized that even though I'd done well in school, learned German and Portuguese, my learning methodology was actually weak. It got me by on the easy stuff but it was not up to the challenge of learning Chinese.
So I took all my knowledge from books, from programming, my experience, and I looked at my learning process and I really reworked it. And I used it to learn Chinese, and it really worked. And I realized, if I can learn Chinese with this, anybody could probably learn anything with this.
And had COVID not happened, I'd have gone to China to work as a teacher, getting fluent in Chinese. But Covid shut that down. It was the universe telling me that I should be working on this system instead, and that's what I did, turning it into an app, and now these superlearning courses with Ryan, so that's why I'm here today.

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