Karim Amer

New response from Karim Amer (drkarim.amer@gmail.com) to Superlearning Application: 1. Hey, this is Ryan. One... (transcribed) https://www.videoask.com/a0u8vjulf9r1g53ra5ehpv44ydgnmi8d1ydqaqvy Transcription: "Hi Ryan. My name is Kareem and I am really excited to learn techniques that are applicable in sort of short Sprints so digestible. But but that I can actually apply very fast and relatively easily to my day-to-day. So as you are aware, I work for a large. Seed company. And my job is digesting, huge amounts of information as quickly as potentially possible, particularly during times like this like conference season. So, I'm constantly digesting masses of Statistics data. So, a way in which I can do that faster and understand it and analyze, it would be hugely appreciated. That's fundamentally what I'm trying to learn. But also, I'm trying to learn learn. I'm trying to learn learning more than anything. I'm trying to lend memory techniques that I can apply. When I am digesting Theory so theory around anything that may be technical, anything that may be mathematic, anything that may be required for future, so seat for future modeling. So yeah, that's fundamentally and really something as we've discussed something that integrates with my lifestyle. A A busy life. So I've got three children under the age of three, and I work 90 hours plus weeks to, it would be great to understand those techniques. Okay. Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing from you."

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