Community session

  • taster of superlearning course
    • it's possible to learn up to 3x faster
    • focus here is on mindset
      • some small tricks
      • for whole framework join our course
    • thanks to karaminder for reworking our slides
    • thanks ghalizha for visuals
  • visual trick 1
  • visual trick 2
  • visual trick 3
  • truth-bias-perception
  • be intentional
  • can you read this
  • assumptions constrain what our mind can think
    • anchored by headline
    • confine space of possibilities
  • word bank exercise
    • group 1: tell group 1 to determine nr of words that have diagonal lines of them and the nr that do not
      • AFTER that show list
        • screen share
        • stop sharing
      • need to share screen for word bank
    • group 2: consider meaning and rate 1-10 how much they like each word
  • be conscious of assumptions
    • expand space of possibilities
  • make 3 letter words
  • unconscious way of doing things (start reading from right)
    • chunks → attach meaning
    • become more conscious of how you learn -> become a superlearner
  • word bank solution
    • chat to host only
    • we designed this consciously so you would form meaningful connections and remember better
  • in the next exercise we will consciously learn things in a way that sticks better
  • now you've seen a little technique to learn better
    • practical example in next exercise
  • memory palace
  • exercise
    • pick the location where you prepare lessons for your course
    • pick two spots (ie edges of your desk)
    • content
      • [[andrew barry]] 6 elements of narrative structure
        • motivation: in practice you're going to put your lesson together and might remember some of what he said (ie hook), but the structure won't be as good as it could be if you had the narrative clearly in your head
        • journey
          • hook, signpost, sensitize: captain hook smelling a signpost (which you know)
          • elucidate complex topics, reinforce, conclude: einstein hammering onto a book (that means something to you) to compress it
    • after: ask person to walk through his route (ideal if can point camera at it), and share his creatures
  • this is just a trick
    • i use it to learn mandarin
      • alos to remember something in a conversation without keeping short term memory occupied
  • course delivers framework for becoming conscious and learning intentionally
    • not only tricks
      clay hebert: subtribe. Bring friend along for lower price.
      mirela: getting into international college
      karaminder: polish how you say things
    • exercise around landing page
    • capture timezones in typeform
    • pranshu: multiplier skills like touch typing
      miriam: capstone project of memory palace
    • transition into breakout room

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