Share what you learn and get a month for free!

Share what you're learning with Traverse on social media and get one month for free!
Post the topic you're learning about and mention Traverse on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit or other social media, and send a link + screenshot to, and we'll give you one month for free!
The best thing? If you create another post next month, you'll get next month for free too! And the one after, and the one after that..
Example posts:
  • Doing my flashcard reviews for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam 💪
  • Learning fast about digital marketing with!
  • Going to ace my physiology exam thanks to 🔥
  • If you already have a subscription, payment will be paused for one month (personal plan)
  • If you're on a higher plan, your monthly payment will be reduced by $5
  • If you still have days left on your trial, one month (30 days) will be added to your trial time (personal plan)
  • If your trial has expired, you get 30 days on the personal plan for free (no card required)
  • Can be repeated for as many months as you want *)
  • You cannot accumulate free months in advance (e.g. posting twice in the same month still gives you only that month for free. But if you post again next month you get that for free too)
  • In your post, you need to mention both Traverse (the word Traverse or, or tag us on Twitter, LinkedIn) and the topic you're learning
*) Action may be ended at any time at our discretion. If you posted you will still get the current month for free in that case.

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