Sales Page (Filled in)

Elements of a sales page:
Call out your reader to reassure them that they're in the right place.
Give them them the “oh hey… that’s me” feeling
Example: "For freelancers looking to expand their client base"

For professionals who want a lasting competitive edge in the knowledge economy

For people who want to build a lifelong competitive edge.

For professionals who want to build a lifelong competitive edge

The job of the headline is to grab their attention and make them read the next line.
Make a promise! What will people ultimately get out of your course?
Remember: The name of your course is NOT your headline!
How to [achieve what they want] without [the things they hate]
How to [achieve what they want] even if [what's holding them back]
Check your headline for SPICE:
  • Specific
  • Profit
  • Intriguing
  • Credible
  • Easy to understand

1: How to learn your next transformative skill even if you have only 10 minutes per day

2: Unlock your next career skill 3x* faster

3: Learn your next transformative skill 3x faster

Learn Anything. Faster.

Unlock your superlearning potential even if you have just 15 minutes a day.

Set your learning flywheel in motion.
Learning is a flywheel. You get better at learning → learning becomes more enjoyable → you spend even more time learning → you get even better That's the power of superlearning

What does it feel like to learn 3x* faster?

Being able to learn new skills quickly and efficiently is a superpower.
Whether you are looking to learn new skills, study for a qualification or prepare yourself for a new job, learning lies at the heart of any major life change.
Imagine being able to understand complex topics faster than you ever have.
Or being able to learn a new language 3x faster than the average person...
Or learning a new skill to achieve proficiency in as little as 20 hours...
Or being able to remember information in a way that allows you to recall at ease...
Superlearning can become your competitive advantage for the rest of your life.
The best part is - anyone can learn these science-backed methods.
Science-backed methods
"[Existing courses] were trying to teach me Chinese, but they were not teaching me how to learn Chinese" - Dom
Despite significant advances in cognitive science in the last twenty years, the education system does not teach us HOW to learn.
We go through school and university using methods which are at best, inefficient, and at worst, ineffective.
Superlearning for Professionals guarantees to teach you the methods and techniques that are proven to work, and can lead to significant** increases in learning ability.
Used by the world's greatest thinkers
Some of the world's greatest thinkers, creatives, philosophers and scientists have used these methods to supercharge their learning.People like Benjamin Franklin, Socrates, Nikola Tesla, Elon Mush, Charlie Munger and Tim Ferriss have used these methods to great effect.
One would think that these methods are a secret. Weirdly, they're not. People have been using them for centuries (if not millennia), and yet, for some unknown reason, they aren't inculcated as part of the basic education system.
Show your reader that you understand their problems and challenges really well.
Paint a vivid picture of a real-life situation when someone is experiencing the problem.
What's the real moment in time where their problem flairs up?
More questions to help you uncover this:
  • What are they struggling with?
  • What keeps them up at night? What’s their worst nightmare?
  • What frustrates them? What do they hate? What makes them feel bad?
  • What are the mistakes they are making that they could be avoiding? And what have those cost them?
  • How have they tried to fix their problems? What other solutions have they tried? And how have those failed them?
  • What is typically going on in their life and at work when they realize that they need your help?
You're one crucial skill away from your next big career step, but just can't find the time and focus to learn it. You've consumed lots of information but are just getting overwhelmed. You take a step in one direction but suddenly another one looks more promising.
By now you're just going in circles and are unsure what to do next. This is how people get stuck in their job with ever increasing workload and no exit in sight. Meanwhile you see your peers venturing seemingly effortlessly into new areas.

Does this sound familiar?

You read an article about this young girl who learned a new skill, built a company and got rich before she turned 25. You think to yourself, 'What on Earth...I want to be able to do that as well!'You figure that the best way to get started on your entrepreneurial journey is to learn a new skill. 'People buy skills, not credentials', they say.
So off you go - excited about starting to learn a new skill which will lead to more opportunities. Opportunities to make new friends, immerse yourself in new experiences and make more money.
The start is solid - you are making great progress and feel confident of building out this new skillset. With every passing day, you feel an expansion in your powers. Each day you seem to be able to do more than the previous day. But then, you start to plateau. The rate of forward momentum starts to slow.
Soon you reach a point where you don't seem to be making progress anymore. Learning seems to have become a chore - difficult and arduous.You find that everything is taking much longer than it should. 'I can't do this', you think to yourself. The frequency of your study sessions starts to fall.
And one fine day, you realise that you haven't touched the skill in more than a month.
The dream dies. 😔
Show how a new better future could look like.
Paint a vivid picture of the outcomes someone can achieve.
Guess what? You too have the potential to rise to the next level right there inside your skull.
This course gives you a scientifically proven way UNLOCK it. You will find your direction, press the gas pedal and acquire your new skill in 20 hours. Any skill. 20 hours. Chopped up to fit your schedule.
You'll look back at your old self and wonder why nobody ever told you the secret to superlearning. This will be your competitive advantage for the rest of your life.
The best part? It works for ANYONE. Tested methods based on neuroscience and metacognition.
meta learning

An alternative future

The status-quo is seductive.
We've all been in situations where the ease of the current situation lulls us into a sense of complacency.
But the comfort zone isn't all that exciting.
May be you're in a job that pays the bills but not much more.
But it leaves you too tired by the end of the day to even attempt to change your life trajectory.
May be you run a small business that is doing okay. It isn't great by any means. But you simply don't have the time to learn new skills so you can expand your product offering.
May be you want to get a professional certification so you can get a promotion. But where's the time?
Growth hurts. But it hurts even more when we push to get better results and fail.
Superlearning for Professionals will help you unlock your learning potential.
It will give you the tools and the mindsets that will lead to more money, more opportunities and more enjoyment for the rest of your life.The mindsets and techniques you will learn can be put into practice in just ten minutes a day.Practised diligently, you will be able to learn skills 11x faster and recall facts 3x* better with these new skills.
Imagine being able to pick up new skills for fun. And actually enjoying the process.
That's what this course is all about.
What does your reader need to believe to make this new future a reality?
Show them why it’s not their fault that they haven’t succeeded.
Demystify any misconceptions and false beliefs.
Empower them to move forward.
"I simply have terrible memory"
"I'm just bad at math"
Suprise - you are not! You just don't have the right thinking tools! 99% of people can excel at and enjoy math with the right mindset, and remember fast quantities of information by using the right techniques.
Do I really need a COURSE to learn how to learn?
Yes! This is the one thing formal education doesn't teach us! It's the highest leverage skill you'll ever learn - after mastering this, EVERYTHING else goes faster (11 times faster!)
Do you really need a course to learn how to learn?
Learning how to learn is your highest leverage skill - and it's the one thing formal education doesn't teach us.
Sure, you could learn these techniques on your own. They're not a secret.
What is lesser known though is how to combine all these methods and techniques into a coherent framework that works for you.
In designing our own learning journeys over the last few years, and those of other people, we have realised that the difference between a learner and a superlearner is pretty small. But this small difference can add up to a lot over time.
Graphic (going round in circle): The Superlearning flywheel: You get better at learning → learning becomes more enjoyable → you spend even more time learning → you get even better
Superlearning for Professionals is for those who realise the power of building an edge for yourself. That little advantage in mindset and method that leads to peak performance. And when you do this in the company of like-minded peers who are also seeking out tiny, incremental improvements, the result is a community of superlearners that is far greater than the sum of its constituent parts.
The internet offers us all the opportunity to learn anything, often for little or no charge.
What it doesn't offer us is the ability to work with tribes in a safe space - where we can push each other to accomplish things that would probably take us much longer if we were to slog at it in our own silos.
In addition to learning techniques that will turn you into a superlearner, you will be part of a community where accountability and peer learning are baked into the process. The course is designed so as to ensure that you get ample opportunity to apply techniques, learn more about your own biases and perceptions, and to use this knowledge to supercharge your learning.
Why are you the right person to deliver results?

About Dom Zijlstra

Originally Dutch, Dom has learned 5 spoken and 5 programming languages. Along this learning journey he figured out some principles for what works and what doesn't work to learn something new.
His personal challenge was learning Chinese. He couldn't succesfully learn all those characters with existing methods and apps. After creating a Chinese course just for himself, he then started building an app to make efficient learning techniques available to both students and course creators.
Dom has a master's degree in Engineering Physics, worked on spacecraft electronics at Airbus for 2 years, and then another 3 years as a data scientist and software engineer in a London fintech startup. He's now working full-time as a tool and course creator.
Ryan Chadha
Ryan is an educator and is the founder of 2 progressive schools in Bangalore, India. He has designed and curated a curriculum that makes use of the innate curiosity that each individual possesses to propel learning. He has also created a successful game-based math curriculum called Dragnpi that has resulted in supercharging math learning in children between 6 and 12 years of age.
Ryan studied finance at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He previously worked in London first as an investment strategist and then as a trader. He was also co-founder of an online school called The Crypto University. Though he has (finally!) stopped boasting about it, Ryan even played professional cricket and has played against 4 of England's 2019 World Cup winning squad. He is passionate about making the latest scientific methods available to superlearners everywhere.
Develop trust that others like them have achieved what they want.
Reveal your course and show how it’s the perfect escape door.
WHY - Why does this matter?
State the transformation you promise your students
WHAT - What will they get?
Give them the hard facts and logistical details.
For example:
  • Live sessions
  • Office hours
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Community
  • Templates
  • Bonuses
HOW - How will it happen?
Show them your curriculum, the steps they’ll take.
Let your readers envision themselves going through your course.
How will each module help them?
What do I get?
  • The 80/20 framework to decide your highest-leverage next skill. You will APPLY all the below during the course to YOUR skill 👇🏻 (note: mathematically speaking 80/20 is a 150% gain compared to baseline, can use that too)
  • A method by a Nobel-prize winning physicist to build superior understanding (94% gain*)
  • A technique to apply your skills in the REAL WORLD rather than just on artificial tests (103% gain*)
  • A memory technique which makes you cry you ever crammed for exams in the past (290% gain*)
  • The habit of applying all of these on a daily basis, making you 11x better at learning. Yes, 11x (you'll learn how to add up percentages, too!). That's superlearning. What took you a year now takes you FIVE weeks.
Our transformation promise
Change in the external world is beyond our control. Change in our minds helps us cope with and even capitalise on things beyond our control. Here is what we know you will be able to do after the course: ✅ Foolproof study habits which will ensure you stick to your learning goals and gain maximum benefit from employing your treasure chest of learning methods ✅ Apply a meta-cognition framework and become acutely aware of your own biases and perceptions so you can eliminate faulty thinking ✅ Learn how to design your physical environment and make changes to your schedule so as to maximise productivity and learning ✅ Learn techniques to apply your skills in the real world, as opposed to on artificial tests and meaningless activities ✅ Faster recall and foolproof memory using techniques which improve recall by up to 3x ✅ Learn and apply a 80/20 framework that we use to decide our next highest leverage skill ✅ Be able to use a method used by a Nobel Prize winning physicist to understand anything better (94% gain*)
Ask them to take action.
This is where the buy button goes
Remove the risk.
What makes you confident that this works?
What outcome can you promise? What tangible benefit will they see?
If that condition isn’t met how could they get a refund?
*) don't take our word for it, you can read the SCIENCE and figure all of this out by yourself:
  • Dunlosky, John et al.: Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology
  • Kahl, Woloshyn: Using elaborative interrogation to facilitate acquisition of factual information in cooperative learning settings: One good strategy deserves another
  • Vlach, Sandhofer: Distributing Learning Over Time: The Spacing Effect in Children’s Acquisition and Generalization of Science Concepts
  • Rawson, Kintsch: Rereading Effects Depend on Time of Test.
  • Baddely, Longman: The Influence of Length and Frequency of Training Session on the Rate of Learning to Type
  • Roediger, Karpicke: Test-Enhanced Learning
  • Taylor, Rohrer: The effects of interleaved practice. And: The shuffling of mathematics problems improveslearning.
  • Woloshyn, Stockley: Helping students acquire belief-inconsistent and belief-consistent science facts: Comparisons between individual and dyad study using elaborative interrogation, self-selected study and repetitious-reading.
  • Michelene et al.: Eliciting Self-Explanations Improves Understanding
  • Qureshi et al.: The method of loci as a mnemonic device to facilitate learning in endocrinology leads to improvement in student performance as measured by assessments
What would make someone the ideal student who would benefit the most from your course?
If you had to place REAL money on the success of your students... what characteristics, attributes, experiences, abilities, achievements would you look for to feel like you’re making a safe bet?
And who is not a good fit for your course?
Overcome objections and answer their most pressing questions.
What questions are now popping up in their head that prevent them from taking action?
How can you remove these roadblocks?
What’s at stake if they don’t take action?
What happens if they don’t act now?
What will they continue to endure?
How will their life get worse?
What opportunities are they missing out on?
Not quite ready yet?
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