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Ryan has been an educator for the last 8 years, founding 2 schools in Bangalore. He has also cofounded and served as lead instructor for an online school called The Crypto University. In a previous life, he spent his waking hours stooped over a Bloomberg Terminal in the City of London.
Dom is an entrepreneur with background in software and data engineering who learned 5 languages and developed a platform for effective learning based on his experiences acquiring Mandarin Chinese.

Transformation statement

What will attendees be able to do differently after your 60-min session?
By the end of this 60-min session, you will have learned and applied one scientific method to acquire any micro-skill 15% faster


Sell your session! Hook attendees by mentioning the pain you can solve for them, and how you will do that. Listing out a few sub-learning outcomes in always helpful.
Knowledge in your field is increasing faster than you can keep up with. You can't find the time and focus to learn the skil that will take you to the next level.
Anyone has the potential to be a superlearner, but our mindset and lack of methods hold most of us back.
This course gives you a scientifically proven way to unlock your full learning potential. All superlearners have two things in common: the first is an intentional mindset, and the second is a toolkit of science-backed methods which speed up your learning by 1100%.
Some of things you'll get:
  • A method by a Nobel-prize winning physicist to build 94% better understanding
  • A memory technique which works 290% better than cramming new information


List out the associated keywords, using commas to separate.
learning, productivity, optimisation, metacognition, neuroscience, superlearning

Lesson Plan

Why: the only way to stay relevant and to thrive is to keep learning as the world changes. And the world changes very rapidly. But there is so much to learn! So how does one choose what to learn? How does one learn without feeling a sense of overwhelm?
What: Techniques that increase the speed and efficiency of learning by building learnnig habits and systems that will make you a superlearner.
How: One specific method that can be applied in 15 minutes or under - a live activity that the participants undertake - which shows them how the method works and the benefits of the method as well.
Wes Kao's suggested framework for a really great course:
Why, why and how. (So go really deep into the how and the why, especially if the why is not very clear)

Rough outline of session:

5 minutes: Introduction & welcome
5 minutes: Thesis on superlearning
5 minutes: few fun activities and exercises
15 minutes: active learning exercises (TBD)
30 minutes: QnA and Discussion about course etc
Ideas from Oisin:
  • give them something at the start that they can measure against (to aid comparison)
  • can we have a diagram to show them how the world has changed in the last 100, 20, 10 and 1 year(s). I think this is great - really shows how the pace of change has increased
Set yourself up for success
  • tiny goals
  • trigger: washing hands after lunch
  • 15 min * 15 days = 225 minutes of focused learning
  • compounding learning
    • tie this to memory
Ice breaker ideas from Scott:
Ideas from Karaminder, Nate: Karaminder really wow-ed by our community session. Superlearning sounded all geeky, measuring stuff etc to him but in the session it turned out to actually be a lot of fun. We should definitely do this kind of activity in the capstone. Nate mentioned that we have to make sure to keep them nurtured afterwards and check in with them, as they might need some time to process. Also we won't be able to deliver the study habit/routine transformation in the capstone, but we can give them an artefact + nurturing afterwards to get them there.
(Karaminder is also going to do a video testimonial)
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