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Unlock your next-level learning potential even if you have just 10 minutes a day.

You're one crucial skill away from your next big career step, but just can't find the time and focus to learn it. You've consumed lots of information but are just getting overwhelmed. You take a step in one direction but suddenly another one looks more promising.
By now you're just going in circles and are unsure what to do next. This is stagnation. This is how people get stuck in their job with ever increasing workload and no exit in sight. Meanwhile you see your peers venturing seemingly effortlessly into new areas.
Guess what? You too have the potential to rise to the next level right there inside your skull.
This course gives you a scientifically proven way UNLOCK it. You will find your direction, press the gas pedal and acquire your new skill in 20 hours. Any skill. 20 hours. Chopped up to fit your schedule.
You'll look back at your old self and wonder why nobody ever told you the secret to superlearning. This will be your competitive advantage for the rest of your life.
The best part? It works for ANYONE. Tested methods based on neuroscience and metacognition.
Do I really need a COURSE to learn how to learn?
Yes! This is the one thing formal education doesn't teach us! It's the highest leverage skill you'll ever learn - after mastering this, EVERYTHING else goes faster (11 times faster!)
Have to tie this to money somehow - some example of how a new qualification make you more money?
What do I get?
  • The 80/20 framework to decide your highest-leverage next skill. You will APPLY all the below during the course to YOUR skill 👇🏻 (note: mathematically speaking 80/20 is a 150% gain compared to baseline, can use that too)
  • A method by a Nobel-prize winning physicist to build superior understanding (94% gain*)
  • A technique to apply your skills in the REAL WORLD rather than just on artificial tests (103% gain*)
  • A memory technique which makes you cry you ever crammed for exams in the past (290% gain*)
  • The habit of applying all of these on a daily basis, making you 11x better at learning. Yes, 11x (you'll learn how to add up percentages, too!). That's superlearning. What took you a year now takes you FIVE weeks.

About Dom Zijlstra

Originally Dutch, I've learned 5 spoken and 5 programming languages and along the way I've figured out some principles for what works and what doesn't work to learn something new. My personal challenge was learning Chinese. I couldn't succesfully learn all those characters with existing methods and apps. After creating a Chinese course just for myself, I then started building this platform to make efficient learning techniques available to both students and course creators.
I've got a master's degree in Engineering Physics, worked on spacecraft electronics at Airbus for 2 years, and then another 3 years as a data scientist and software engineer for London fintech company Iwoca. I'm now working full-time as a tool and course creator.

What other superlearners are saying:

(note: these are testimonias for my app Traverse.link, which leverages only SOME of the methods you'll learn in the course. There are no course testimonials yet as this is the first cohort).
*) don't take our word for it, you can read the SCIENCE and figure all of this out by yourself:
  • Dunlosky, John et al.: Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology
  • Kahl, Woloshyn: Using elaborative interrogation to facilitate acquisition of factual information in cooperative learning settings: One good strategy deserves another
  • Vlach, Sandhofer: Distributing Learning Over Time: The Spacing Effect in Children’s Acquisition and Generalization of Science Concepts
  • Rawson, Kintsch: Rereading Effects Depend on Time of Test.
  • Baddely, Longman: The Influence of Length and Frequency of Training Session on the Rate of Learning to Type
  • Roediger, Karpicke: Test-Enhanced Learning
  • Taylor, Rohrer: The effects of interleaved practice. And: The shuffling of mathematics problems improveslearning.
  • Woloshyn, Stockley: Helping students acquire belief-inconsistent and belief-consistent science facts: Comparisons between individual and dyad study using elaborative interrogation, self-selected study and repetitious-reading.
  • Michelene et al.: Eliciting Self-Explanations Improves Understanding
  • Qureshi et al.: The method of loci as a mnemonic device to facilitate learning in endocrinology leads to improvement in student performance as measured by assessments
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