How to remember names workshop

Heading back to networking events? Learn how to remember names!

What you will learn

In this fun, interactive session you will...
Learn one powerful memory technique that will ensure you remember names effortlessly at networking events.
Set up a habit for yourself which guarantees to build your network much faster than you ever have.
Do you ever feel like you remember a name soon after meeting a person, but an hour later when you walk past them, you let out an embarrassing smile because you can't remember their name?
The problem is, we can only hold 5 to 7 data points of information in our short term memory.
At networking events, we are often exposed to far more than 5 or 7 data points, and in a very short space of time. So we need to come up with a way to ensure that we can move information from short term memory to long term memory relatively quickly. And then to be able to retrieve that information when we need it.


Using a science-backed technique that improves recall by up to 290%, you will practice this live in a workshop and explore the various ways in which you can implement it.
Additionally, you will learn how to effortlessly turn this into a habit so you can take your relationship building to the next level.
Most people try to memorise things by trying to squeeze stuff into your head - like you would when you're packing for a holiday and have too many clothes for the size of bag you're allowed. That just doesn't work.
Cognitive science shows that there is a better, more elegant way to remember stuff. It doesn't involve brute force or cramming. It just involves method.


A 2 hour workshop where you will learn the science behind better recall and habit formation. In combining this, you will set yourself up to become a master networker.
The workshop will be followed by a 5 day email course where you get to digest and practice the techniques you learn at the workshop.

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