Easily add Traverse to your branded course (CNAME/embed/other way)

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Jul 9, 2021
You can now use your own custom domain (CNAME) for your Traverse course. This currently requires the enterprise plan, get in touch at support@traverse.link for a quote.
Within the professional plan, you can now embed your course in existing websites like Wordpress, Teachable or Circle.
Both options are available from the SHARE tab in your course dashboard.
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Investigate best way to do this
  • Use static website with multiple a records? Can only have one cname. Else multiple static websites. Can detect parent url to decide which course.
    • Render can do this (multiple cnames)
Whitelabel already possible but currently not advertised
Same for Embed
add server function to save custom domain + notify me
send email to appsumo users to offer the feature in exchange for review
check if sent to older subscribers

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