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Please check our new knowledge base at https://knowledge.traverse.link/.
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Creating & Teaching

  • Marketing your course
    • Coming soon, contact dom@traverse.link
  • Tracking your students
    • Coming soon, see FAQ or contact dom@traverse.link


Traverse API documentation



Will there be a mobile app?
This is on the longer term roadmap (at least 3 months away). For now you can open it in safari on iphone (or chrome on android), then click "share" and "add to homescreen"
Do you support PDF import?
There's no option to import PDF links yet, but you can either:
  • import from a web link (if the PDF is available as a web page as well)
  • import from formatted text by copying text from the PDF, going to import → text, and pasting it there
Do you support import from spreadsheet/Excel?
Not automated at the moment, but I can help you upload it. Contact me at dom@traverse.link
Do you have a roadmap?
What embeds are supported?
There are several embeds currently supported for video links (including youtube) and audio links. Iframes are not yet supported in general but if there's a particular embed you'd like to see we can add support.
Is it possible to customize reminder times?
It's not possible to customize the reminder time (or the time your points reset) at the moment, but we're planning to implement it at some point.
Can I backup my notes locally?
Yes, on any of the paid plans there is an export option to JSON and markdown (formatted text) format. We're working on a friendlier, plain markdown format as well.
Can I include audio?
You can include audio by pressing / at the start of a line and selecting Upload audio or Audio link. You might need to refresh the page after uploading. Then a play button will appear to play the audio.
Can I include video?
Currently only on enterprise plan (video hosting is expensive for us). You can include video by pressing / at the start of a line and selecting Upload video. You might need to refresh the page after uploading.
What is the file size limit for audio and video files?
We recommend not uploading any files larger than 2GB. Larger files can cause unexpected behavior.
How do I add study material?
First, click Create new on the homescreen. Then write out the subject you want to study, and then click on the cards to insert content. You can type text, or use the + button to insert additional content like images, videos etc.
How do I add study books and videos?
The easiest way is to copy text, images and videos you want to study (you can also use the Text import to import a lot of text at once. PDF import is on the roadmap) into your lessons. You can also upload images and videos from your hard drive. Another great solution is writing it in your own words. This directly builds understanding and speeds up your study later on.
Can I copy and paste images into my flash cards and mind maps?
How are the card decks organized?
The several courses you create at your homescreen represent several decks. Each deck is organized as a mindmap, with a hierarchy but also the possiblity to link cards to each other (which you can use for tags).
Besides flashcards, can I also add notes and highlights to the study materials?
Yes, Traverse is all about having your notes, highlights and other study materials in the same place as your flashcards.


Can we get our own domain name (CNAME) for courses?
Yes, you can get CNAME for your courses. Contact me at dom@traverse.link to unlock the CNAME feature. After that, you'll be able to enter your domain in your course dashboard. It will then display a DNS record, which you'll have to configure in your hosting provider (eg. NameCheap, GoDaddy). Then, within 24 hours your Traverse course will be available at that domain (you will receive an email when it's ready).
You can get a separate CNAME for each of your courses.
Also check the explanation video Using a CNAME/Custom Domain for your course.
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Can I embed Traverse flashcards in an existing course?
Yes, this is possible with the iframe embed from the sharing tab in the course dashboard (professional plan only) https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/Interactive content
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How does secret link sharing work?
When you share with secret link, your course will not be public (cannot be discovered). You can then share the link with your students. As soon as they open the link, they will be prompted to create a (free) account and enrolled into your course automatically.
Can I hide options to go to the Traverse homescreen in my course?
Not at the moment, but we're considering building it. Contact me at dom@traverse.link with your use case to help to get it implemented.
Can I whitelabel my courses?
Yes, whitelabeling replaces the Traverse brand name and logo with your own name and logo. You can get a separate branding for each course. Check this video to see how it works:
Using your own brand (whitelabel) for your course You can redeem your stacked codes at
while logged in (enter one, then submit. Enter another if you have more) Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll apply it manually
What emails are sent to students for my whitelabeled course?
Traverse reminder emails and other emails are turned off by default for students signing up to your whitelabeled course. You can turn them on and set your own sender name. The emails don't contain any bradning. Longer term we're working at connecting your own SMTP responder.
Can I give some people free access to my paid course?
Yes, when you create a paid course, you'll also get a secret link which gives free access. You can share this with people who should get it for free.
Can I export a view of the mindmap?
Not at the moment.

How to

How to move lessons inside/outside?
How to remove courses from the homescreen?
You can start dragging the course and a red strip with a bin will appear. If you drop your course there it will be removed from the homescreen.
How to delete a course?
You can either remove the course from the homescreen (this will not really delete it), or really delete it (data will be lost).
Go to the top level lesson of the course, open the menu and choose Delete....
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How to track study progress?
There are progress bars as the user goes through the course, and they can also see a list of all his lesson and flashcard reviews.
How to create a question with a gap sentence?
To create a question with a gap sentence, select the word(s) you want to leave out, and then click Add question. A sentence will be created where the selected words are left out, and are pasted into the answer.
Video preview
How can I create vocabulary flashcards?
For vocabulary flashcards, it is recommended to put all information (the original word, different translations, pronunciation including audio etc) on the note. Then you can select a certain part (for example the translation), and click Add question to create a gap question. This will show all the info except for the translation, so that you can quiz yourself.


Why 290% better recall?
Combining the effect sizes from those papers of spaced repetition, active recall, interleaving and the Feynman technique, all of which are features of Traverse, you can reach a 290% increase in recall.
Can I try the app before subscribing?
Yes, all plans come with a 10 day free trial.
The pricing doesn't work for me, can I get a custom deal?
Suggest what you think is a fair deal to dominic@traverse.link and we can talk about it.
How does Traverse differ from products like RemNote or Anki?
Traverse aims to make it as simple as possible to start learning effectively. Products like RemNote and Anki have a steep learning curve themselves. In our opinion it doesn't make sense having to learn a product first before learning what you're actually interested in!
Besides that, Traverse offers a mindmap view which makes it easier to form visual connections in your brain, and Traverse allows creators to share and sell their courses.
How does Traverse differ from LMS like Teachable or Kajabi?
Traverse is completely focused on the learner experience. It offers personalized flashcards, mindmaps and other science-based learning techniques to really make the content stick and create long-term student engagement. Traverse does not replace LMS's like Teachable or Kajabi. Although Traverse can be used by itself, you can also simply embed courses and flashcards in other LMS's or websites.
Which plan is the AppSumo deal? Do you allow stacking?
One AppSumo code gets you the creator plan (you'll need to drop me an email at dom@traverse.link to enable custom domains). Stack two codes and apply them one after another (while logged in) for the enterprise plan.
How can I redeem my second AppSumo code?
To redeem your second appsumo code, make sure you're logged in to Traverse and go to https://traverse.link/appsumo. It should say "upgrade to Enterprise". Then enter the code, submit and you'll be upgraded.
Is the number of students for a course unlimited?
How can I check which plan I'm on?
Click on your avatar in the top right, and then settings. Your plan will show there, and you can upgrade it:
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What is planned for the Enterprise plan for the future?
For enterprise users, we're working on integrating your own SMTP email responder, embedding custom scripts like GA and enabling webhooks for integrations.
Upon whitelabelling will the reminder emails or any emails that go to our students will still be going through the traverse-link domain(s) only or we get to connect our own SMTP?
Reminder emails and other emails are turned off by default for students signing up to your whitelabeled course. We're working on connecting your own SMTP at the moment.
Is it an SSL Issue at your end or your Cname is not yet working?
The SSL certificate takes some time to be issued but it's working now for your side. There's a bug when opening it in incognito mode which I'll fix soon There are several support channels like email, discord or twitter, FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1289661484825564
Also is support only via emails to you personally where an automatic message comes first that you might need up to 24 hours to respond?
There are several support channels like email, discord or twitter
Right now Payment gateway is stripe and currency is dollar but i want to change to to my country currency is it possible?
Currently we support USD, EUR and GBP. We can add currencies at your request. the fee is 1% calculated to compensate server and processing costs (we do not make a profit of these fees. If it's a barrier for your course you can contact me at dom@traverse.link and we can work something out).
After white labelling is there any extra fee or transaction fee for course charged by the gateway or platform? what is it?
There's a 10% flat fee covering both stripe fees and payout fees
Can we change the payment gateway?
Yes, you can use secret link sharing and integrate it with any payment gateway you like, like Gumroad for example.
Is testimonial.to included in this (without branding) only for the platform?
There's no testimonial.to included for courses
For 1 codes (appsumo), if I have 20 course, can I do 20 cnname? Is it like math101.com, English101.com, sicience 102.com .....etc? It is unlimited for cname?
Yes, you can get a separate CNAME for each of your courses.
For 2 codes, I can chance only logo and link at left panel. Is it correct? It is unlimited for white-label (logo)?
Correct. Yes, You can get a separate branding for each course.
Do you have team function?
Not yet but it's on the roadmap https://superlearners.traverse.link/roadmap
Can you help create a cname pointed to this subdomain secretsauce.kedianomics.com wherein my primary domain is kedianomics.com. Please? Let me know what settings do I need to do in DNS for this to work properly.;
Contact me at dom@traverse.link to unlock the CNAME feature. After that, you'll be able to enter your domain in your course dashboard. It will then display a DNS record, which you'll have to configure in your hosting provider (eg. NameCheap, GoDaddy). Then, within 24 hours your Traverse course will be available at that domain. Also check the explanation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj6M1amnyoY&feature=youtu.be.
What will the whitelabelling provide, if I take up a second code? ALso let me know should I just buy the 2nd code off appsumo and send you the redemption code for you to activate the whitelabelling on my account?
whitelabeling replaces the Traverse brand name and logo with your own name and logo. Check this video to see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVkZC6PrW-0&feature=youtu.be. You can redeem your second code also at https://traverse.link/appsumo.
is it possible with your tool or my users and visiters have to scatter all over to browse through various courses I would build using this one tool.
You can do this by creating an overview lesson where you simply list all of your courses and link to them.
Have you mentioned prominently in some place in this appsumo deal description if you are charging any commission for us to sell our courses and what that it is, if there is any?
If you sell through the marketplace there is a 10% fee which covers our stripe and creator payout fees. I will ask AppSumo to display this in the feature list for clarity. However many creators choose to sell through their own systems and then use the secret link to give access to the Traverse course.
I've got an extra Appsumo discount on another appsumo account, can I purchase an extra code on that account, and can you manually add it to my existing account?
You can click 'buy now' and then select a quantity of 2. Then you can redeem your codes one after another on the same account at https://traverse.link/appsumo.
how could I get the most out of it if I'm a student? e.g. let's pretend I'm trying to learn the Python programming language from scratch. I know I can learn the most by trying to "teach others" but how does it actually work? Do I "pretend" I'm creating a Python course? How could I possibly come up with test questions if I myself am a newbie??
This is a great question. I've tried to explain the effective learning methods in the getting started course, maybe that answers it? https://traverse.link/home/Getting started with Traverse/?learning=1 . You can also check our youtube videos, starting with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qamSvu0O9d4
ETA on Full WL please as Thats why I stacked !
We're ironing out the whitelabeling. Currently Logo + Brand name should be replaced, and no emails or other interaction with the Traverse brand should happen in whitelabel. Let me know if you spot any specific bugs, already working with sushilkedia to improve further :slight_smile:
Do you support image occlusion cards?
We don't support image occlusion right now. But you can create two images manually: one with empty labels and one with filled out labels, and then use the first one as front of the flashcard and second one on the back.
For video notes, is there a time stamp function?
Not at the moment.
How long will the LTD be on offer?
LTD will be kept on offer for the foreseeable future, but prices will increase as we add features and grow our user base.
Anki import says "This file requires a newer version of Anki"
Try removing the scheduling information from the deck in Anki and import again. The scheduling information makes the database structure incompatible which is why the import fails.
Is it possible to create free courses on
You can just start a trial on any plan, and then create courses again.
And if you need more time on the trial, just contact me again and I'll extend it
Will my student see the "explore courses" tab or only the course they signed up with?
By default they'll see the "Explore courses" tab (but it will be collapsed unless they click it). If you add a custom domain and/or whitelabel to your course it "Explore courses" will be hidden
Is there a storage hosting limit for video uploads?
50GB storage limit, you can buy any additional 50GB for $5/month
Can you please disclose what features are held back on this plan you offer here? Also, can you please explain if this would be useable by a team of teachers? Same organization, but multiple creators? I don't even mind a share dashboard, as long as it is possible to segment courses based on the instructors
Please refer to the pricing to compare features between plans
1 code = creator plan, 2 codes = enterprise lite (with video hosting and CNAME), 3 codes = full enterprise (with api and webhooks)
yes this is possible on the team plan (3 codes). You can invite co-creators by email from the Sharing tab.
Does Traverse.link also offer coding exercises (for programming courses) ?
Coding exercises are not supported natively, but we just added the option to embed custom html and scripts in any lesson, which should enable you to embed coding exercises from other sources (let me know if you have success or problems with this, very keen to improve the support here)
currently, i have one code of traverse.link. I understand that you are offering 70% off if i upgrade to your creator and enterprise plan. how much do i need to pay in both instances? also, say i have two codes, what would the payment be like?
If you have one code you're on the creator plan. 70% off is for our affiliate program. If you can tell me through which affiliate you came I'll send you a special code to upgrade to enterprise for $80. Alternatively, With a second code you'll get whitelabeling added to your creator account (payment would go through appsumo)
Does the second code add only white-label or do we get more features? Can one embed alugha or vadoo player videos?
Second code adds only white-label. We added the ability to embed custom html and scripts, if alugha and vadoo provide any embed code that should work for you (https://youtu.be/zuE8Q3_KjIE)
Is it possible to translate everything into Portuguese?
Translations are on the longer term roadmap (https://superlearners.traverse.link/roadmap)
is this tool fully mobile-optimized?
The mobile website is optimized for students to take courses and review lessons (less so for creating new courses, most people will want to create on desktop).
Can this be integrated to TutorLMS?
You can embed Traverse courses using iframes, which should work for most Wordpress plugins (haven't tested with TutorLMS specifically)
How do the students experience this? Do they get reminders and are then led to the 'flashcards' or do they get invited to retake the course with different flashcards than the first time
They get a reminder when flashcards are due for review. Which flashcards they retake when is personalized: for each student it tracks which flashcards they struggle with most, and those will be repeated sooner/more often, whereas the ones they find easy will be repeated later/less often. When reviewing the flashcards they don't have to retake the whole course, but they can peek into the relevant section after review if they want to read up on the material
Do you have plans to have a Wordpress plugin in the future?
No plans for a dedicated plugin currently, however we do offer iframe embed option which you can use in your wordpress site
does the Creator Plan on your site include White Labelling?
No, it does not. It only includes custom CNAME/domain but not custom brandname and logo.
What details can you share with the Hosting? Encrypted and secure?
Hosting is on Google cloud. A token is generated so your students can view it. There is currently no protection against downloading.
Can we have custom domains for all academies?
Yes, one custom domain per academy
Can we make sure every course we create can have separate branding - based on the branding of the academy? Can we create multiple academies with each having it's own subdomain?
Yes, you can make multiple academies each with its own branding. Every course in the academy gets the branding from the academy it's in.
Can we change the username for the account? Where all will this Username be visible? Is it just for our reference?
Username can not be changed. It is currently visible as the author name on your courses, but we're considering making it possible to display a different name as author (especially with whitelabel).
Can we stack the AS code with the deal from the website? Will be able to avail of the discount from the Giveaway you are running?
If you win one of the giveaway codes, and you already have an AS code, you will be upgraded to Enterprise.
If my business name changes, can I also change the CNAME in the future?
Yes, you can alway add and change cname
Is it possible in some way (js or any other way) to hide the home button so students can only see just the course it is embed?
This is what the whitelabel option is intended for. You can then control where the home button links to (also happy to add an option hide it completely if you prefer)
Is there anyway to display the content of each lesson as a modal window, instead on the left panel.
No option to display in modal window, but if you click the green start/continue learning button on the map you will be shown just the lesson without being distracted by the mindmap
Could you integrate with GDrive, Dropbox, and the likes?
Audio hosting
Audio hosting is already available and unlimited (audio takes up way less space than video so it's not a big cost consideration for us)
On My first lesson I inserted a YouTube Video as the first thing on the Lesson and now there is no way to add any other content or even delete the Video.
Hi, thanks for reporting! It's a bit tricky to insert content if you insert a youtube video on a blank page. You'll need to tab around a bit and press enter to create a new line. This is a known bug which I'll try to fix within 2 weeks. As a workaround, ways make sure to add some text or newlines before inserting the video and you won't have any problem
Benefits of enterprise plan
2 codes on appsumo adds the whitelabeling feature. The full enterprise plan also includes video hosting and api and webhooks (released this week). We'll be updating the AppSumo pricing soon to incorporate the new features we built
Also, is it possible to remove the "feedback" tag on the right for the student view?
The feedback collection is a campaign we're running temporarily to improve the app. I'll have a look if it can be disabled for academies, so that students taking your academy courses won't see it
Is there an option in the backend to stack it or will have to email you the code?
You can go to https://traverse.link/appsumo while logged in and enter your second code to be upgraded
Have you decided if the username change option will be included in the white label? (Please confirm this)
There won't be an option to change the actual username, but we will add an option to customize the author name that appears on your whitelabeled courses
Have you gotten Vadoo embed to work? I tried on the free trial and cannot figure out how to make it work
For vadoo you'll need to use the custom html embed for now rather than the video embed option. Please follow these instructions with the embed code from vadoo https://www.loom.com/share/d6d22ea8ac344a8b9e816ed75fb453f6. Let me know if it doesn't work
Is it possible to write equations in Traverse since the new updates?
Not natively yet, I'd recommend writing your equations in a tool like http://latex2png.com/ and then pasting the image
Can the AI help me produce these or do I need to write one out completely?
For now you need to write one out completely. In the longer term we might be able to autogenerate them
Do you have some samples websites created using Traverse? Free course preferably which I can access and test?
You can have a look at our knowledge base https://knowledge.traverse.link/ which is a Traverse academy with several free courses
How effective are these mind maps in the mobile browser? Are these responsive and mobile view friendly?
Yes they are responsive. We'll also add the option to zoom out in the future so mobile view can get a better overview of the mindmap
Do you have android SDK or something similar? What is the best way to provide the courses in an existing Android app? Do you have any customer who has done it? Can you share a sample if someone did this already
No Android SDK, but you could embed a course using an iframe. I'm not aware of someone having embedded the courses in an Android app already
Would I be able to set the review interval myself?
The review interval is set according to your rating (1-4), you can see the review interval as you hover the emoji buttons
how could Traverse help me if I try to study difficult subjects such as quantum physics or rocket science? I mean, what if I just couldn't understand some or most of the concepts?
This is where the Understanding part of KUMA comes in, where you use the Feynman method. It start by asking very basic questions (as someone who knows nothing about quantum physics would ask). Then you try to answer them in your own words. As you learn more over time, your answers become a little bit better every time. And then that will lead to more advanced questions, for which you then repeat the process. It works even better if you do it together with another person who knows nothing about the subject, and asking each other questions. Does that make sense?
I would like to know what limits you are thinking of for webhooks before I buy a 3rd code.
Webhook will be triggered on every student enrollment (no limit on nr of students, but the nr of webhooks endpoints should be kept low, anyway you can handle that in zapier etc).
Are there limits on academies? Do you imagine there would be limits if multiple users were added? For our use case 20 academies would easily be a maximum with up to 3 course creator/users per academy.
Cnames are mapped to academies. If I understand your user requirement correclty that will actually require team collaboration? This is on the roadmap for the next 2 weeks but not supported yet (once it is it will be part of enterprise plan, so 3rd code). There are no technical limits but we may add limits to nr of creators per academy within the plan (and give you an option to extend beyond that)
You state in one of your answers about cname- attached here, that you can have a cname per course or have multiple academies each with one course. Is it possible to have a third option
You can have your third option (academy with cname and multiple courses), and with multiple users once we build team collaboration.
For my broad understanding do my two appsumo codes act as one academy or can I host more acadamies with individual domains or are the domains at a course level?
You can host more academies with individual domains
The one thing that prevents me from launching my own academy is to completely white label email signup, login, and password reset email autoresponder which are still in the Traverse brand. May I know are you working on it to upgrade email autoresponder or add API that allows students to access the specific paid course with the allowed email ID without the requirement of double optin email confirmation?
The current API should allow you to give students access to a course based on their email - they won't get an email from us. Email link sign up is disabled for academies by default but there is still the password reset email as you say - the sender name might be configurable in the future or we'll add an option to connect autoresponder.
So, what's the difference between Creator & Enterprise Plans now? Or what's the difference between 2 and 3 codes?
this is correct, these are the only advantages for 3 codes right now. Future features for the enterprise plan will also be included in 3 codes. 1 code = creator plan, 2 codes = enterprise lite (with video hosting and CNAME), 3 codes = full enterprise (with api and webhooks)
Btw what do you mean by "email list sharing"?
You can see the email list of enrolled people on any plan. "Email list sharing" here means restricting access to your course to people on your email list, maybe "Email list restriction" would be a better way to describe it
Hi, I purchased 3 codes from Appsumo. I've redeemed 1 code but I am not sure how to redeem the remaining 2 codes.
While logged in, go to
to enter your 2nd code and submit. Then go there again and enter your 3rd code and submit. After that you should be on Enterprise. Let me know if you have any questions, and if there's any problem you can also just send me the codes and I'll upgrade you manually!
is there an option for multiple choice questions?
To ask multiple choice questions, simply include all of the answer options in the question.
Then, in the answer you reveal the correct option.
I set up a trial academy and 2 courses to try things out. When I deleted the courses and academy they are still showing up in my “create courses” tab. Plus, the “continue reviews”.
To learn more about creating courses in Traverse, please visit this link: https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/Create your academy
Can we conduct live sessions (through any native feature) or by integrating with Zoom or similar apps?
Not natively (this is unlikely to become a feature). You can add custom HTML and scripts which might make it possible to integrate with some apps to do live sessions, but I haven't tried this yet, and for Zoom it probably wouldn't work. Of course you can also always include Zoom or Luma links (or even embed those with iframe)
we can now use coursemaker too?
Yes correct :slight_smile: Just send an email to chris@coursemaker.org saying you're coming from Traverse and he'll give you access! It's a great option for technical courses with live coding challenges
Might it be possible to import user login info from our existing learndash users? So that when a user likes to enter one of our whitelabled courses within our wordpress website, he/she doesn't always needs to login/first login is easier?
With our API you can give students access to a course based on their email. You can integrate this with Learndash through Zapier. They'll still need to login once with the correct email, but their access will be set up automatically. You can learn more about API and Automations here: https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/API and automations (I'm happy to help you set it up)
Is there any way to make the courses invite-only? As-in people can only register if we invite them? Also, I wanted to have a single registration for the whole academy and not for one course at a time -is that possible?
You can make your courses invite-only by restricting access to your course through the email list.
You can then grant your community members access from the student management tab of your course.
You can also automatically give students access if they sign up elsewhere, by using Zapier and connecting it with the Traverse API.
You can learn more on how to do this through this link: https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/Community only
You can also give them access to multiple courses at at ime with the automation. It is not possible to invite to the whole academy (as there could be both free and paid/restricted courses)
I am taken back a bit so I am not sure ...Now I need 3 codes to get the enterprise features?
We decided three codes for enterprise was the fairest way to clear up the confusion I created around the pricing, apologies for that. However especially as you're working on a good cause I'm open to give you a better offer or offer the old pricing, just let me know what works for you.
Let's say a student starts taking my course hosted on a different learning platform, and this course has some flashcards from traverse.link embedded using iframe. Do they need to go and register at traverse.link first or can they do this from within my course?
They can register from the iframe within your course, no need to go to traverse.link.
Do you have an ETA for when we will be able to translate the user interface into another language? Will you support all languages?
Translating will probably be first offered in such a way that creators can provide their own translations. However this is a longer term feature, I expect to be scoping it towards the end of the year at the earliest
So maybe, as mentioned in the youtube description, I can try with a Traverse account? I have a question, is there Traverse branding on each flashcard and mindmap shared on coursemaker? Is there a plan without branding ? and all the stats are visible on Traverse dashboard ?
Cool to see that you're interested! You can go to
and enter the code cm2801 to get free access to the Traverse Creator plan. The creator plan will have Traverse branding, but you can upgrade to the Traverse Enterprise plan to whitelabel and remove the branding. All student info and stats will be visible from Traverse
how can I shuffle my flashcards? I need to make them appear in different order everytime whe I review them.
They should be shuffled automatically when you review them using the "Review flashcards" button on the homescreen. This applies to reviewing on schedule. Does this not work for you? Or do you want to review flashcards independent of the schedule? It would be really helpful to understand your use case
Does it have a 'forgotten password' function?
Yes, in the account settnings
Can a learner add his notes to his subject?
Yes, a learner can use comments for this. We also have beta functionality for them to add additional flashcards (contact me if you want to enable this). If they want to create their own mindmaps they'd have to upgrade
where I can monitor the usage of video hosting?
Video hosting currently can't be monitored from the front end (will be added), the limit is currently a soft limit, so we'll let you know if you go over but we won't directly disable your ability to upload.
How do I delete my account
I can delete your account for you if you wish. Could you write 1-2 sentences about why you want to close your account? This really helps me improve the product
is it a platform where I can host my courses and sell them ? It seems you get a %? What about ongoing training that requires a monthly payment?
Yes, you can create courses with mindmaps and flashcards for effective student learning. You can sell them by setting a price and connecting with Stripe. The platform fee is 1% which is only to cover server and service costs (solely to prevent going out of business due to high sales volume) Monthly payments for training are not yet supported but will be added at some point
Free Trial
You can get a free trial on any plan (including creator plans) to try it out for 10 days, just create a free account.
allow the video embedding from Adilo, Vadoo and of course Vimeo and Youtube, but for sure Adilo as some of us have big LTD accounts with Adilo.
Video embedding from Adilo etc is also possible, some natively (like YouTube and Adilo), for others (like Vadoo), you can use the custom html option (https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/Interactive content)
I can’t find an option to unenroll and remove them from my reviews. How would I go about doing that?
To remove a flashcard from your reviews you can press X and it will never show again. There's currently no way to unenroll a course from the frontend (you can only remove them from your homescreen), but we're working on a big UX update that will make some of those things more intuitive. Will take your feedback on cluttered flashcards into account for that as well.
The first part of the update is actually an improved and more intuitive mindmap, which I'll release today or tomorrow
notion image
Account deletion
Your account has now been deleted. Please let me know which advertising you found misleading. There is a free plan (see https://traverse.link/pricing) but we're giving users a trial for the paid plan on sign up so they have creation options.
I tried to import a glossary of 2000 words and that basically killed Traverse. So, I imported them into ANKI and tried to import my ANKI database into Traverse and it now tells me this file requires a newer version of ANKI. What do I do?
What format was the glossary of 2000 words in? It should be possible to import that amount, happy to check it out if you send me a test file. If you want to import from Anki instead, try removing the scheduling information from the deck in Anki and importing again. The scheduling information makes the database structure incompatible which is why the import fails.
are we able to connect the API to Unsplash Pexels or Pixbay to import images instead of manually uoloading from teh desktop each time? When creating the course from a URL. is there a structure for the landing page (listicle) or another format that makes leads to the import a better mindmap formatting
You should be able to connect the API to these services, for example using Zapier. Here's the info on how to connect them with Zapier, so you can connect with anything supported by Zapier: https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/API and automations
For URL import, the main thing to structure the page is to make sure the headers have the correct hierarchy (use h1 for main title, h2 for section etc)
GDPR Compliant
Yes, Traverse is GDPR compliant. You can find more info and our full privacy policy at the bottom of our home page (direct link https://superlearners.traverse.link/page/ce58c411f90547f6978f3930317538ca?_gl=1*r38ixk*_ga*NjIzOTUyMTI0LjE2MzM2OTYwNzM.*_ga_DJMWGLPN2W*MTYzMzY5NjA3Mi4xLjEuMTYzMzY5NjIwMS4yMg..)
Can you give me suggestions on how to set this up in traverse?
I wanted to request access to the team feature so that I can work on certain segments with one of my co-workers. Will it be possible to enable the team's collaboration feature for my account?
I've now enabled the team feature for your account. With the team feature enabled, you should now be able to invite members from the Share tab when managing your course (also see below). Your team members can then just create a free account and will be able to co-create the course you invited them to. Please schedule a call some day next week to share your feedback
notion image
wanted to know the difference between enterprise available on your website
1 code = creator plan, 2 codes = enterprise lite (with video hosting and CNAME), 3 codes = full enterprise (equivalent to the plan on the website)
If the course is free, can it still be password protected?
You can use secret links for this
Enterprise Plan So to which Plan I am mapped to?
Enterprise plan is equivalent to the new Team plan.
is it still possible to get traverse.link ltd direct from your site? https://lifetimo.com/deal/traverse-link-lifetime-deal/
We don't offer the LTD anymore, as we're moving towards subscription revenue which is more sustainable. Is it an option for you to get the personal plan yearly? It currently has a discounted early-bird price https://traverse.link/pricing. Let me know if that works for you
is there a limit to how many videos I can share via traverse? I’m on the double code stack.
There's no limit to the number of courses you can share.
With regards to custom Htlml embed for live chat and calendar, could you do a video tutorial for us course creators?
I created a video on live chat and some other things with custom html a while ago (calendar should work similarly), does that help? https://knowledge.traverse.link/dom/Interactive content
is there a hard limit on the size of a course createdwith traverse.link?
There is no limit on the size of a course, so exactly like you say you could keep a journey and regularly update it with new branches and sub-branches.
How you do you make the image zoom and open in the page like that when clicked?
Yes, all images you embed have the zoom feature, it's standard
How can I share private content or similarly not paid course content created with traverse?
You can invite students by email (with Team plan), or alternatively share with secret link
Please can you point me to a tutorial or information how to change the view and collapse a mind map so we only see the primary and secondary, or primary only?
You can use the little dot to the right of a (sub)topic to expand/collapse it, see at the end of the page here:
i am assuming the 1% is for the payment gateway that is part of the platform. do we have the option to use our own payment systems too? and would that allow us to save the 1% if we stack fully? I am thinking pabbly would be able to handle the payments for 1 use-case and thus not need to rely on your provider.
Yes you can use your own payment gateway, and then provide your students access either through our API (compatible with zapier) or using a secret link to share
Recover deleted course
This is not currently possible unfortunately but we are considering a soft-delete option (feel free to add it to our roadmap as well to get it upvoted). You can already export your data at any time from the User settings menu to back it up, and import it again later (best to notify me when you want to do an import, by default it will override your current data but I can help you import only the stuff you need).
1 code = creator plan, 2 codes = enterprise lite (with video hosting and CNAME), 3 codes = full enterprise (with api and webhooks)

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