Dominic Zijlstra is an edtech founder from Holland. He studied physics and engineering and worked in aerospace, fintech and higher education. He lived in 8 different countries and learned 5 languages. His personal challenge was learning Mandarin Chinese. None of the existing methods taught him how to learn. So he developed his own 4 step process and used it to learn over 2000 Chinese characters, and applied it successfully to learn others skills like programming as well. He's now founded the app Traverse.link which makes this method available to everyone.
Ryan Chadha from India is an educator and the founder of 2 progressive schools in Bangalore, India. He has designed and curated a curriculum that makes use of the innate curiosity that each individual possesses to propel learning. He has also created a successful game-based math curriculum called Dragnpi that has resulted in supercharging math learning in children between 6 and 12 years of age. He's now working with Dom on courses around superlearning.

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